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Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts Waits For Co-Host, Preps for Janet Jackson Interview

sg_robin-robertsGood Morning America anchor Robin Roberts is still waiting to see who her new co-host is when the replacement for Diane Sawyer is chosen in December. The long-time anchor will be taking over for Charles Gibson at World News at the end of the year. Roberts insists that the network is “showing her some love.” Besides an upcoming special prime time interview with Janet Jackson, Roberts is also hosting an hour-long special titled Bright Lights. Big Stars. All Access Nashville. “I always want to be a team player,” she told the AP. “I’m not making any demands, or feeling like, ‘Ah-ha, now it’s my turn.’ I’m the nice one. I do throw some elbows under the basket, though.”

ABC’s Good Morning America has been the mainstay for the network though solidly ranks No.2 behind NBC’s powerhouse Today. Speaking on the upcoming change on the GMA set, the 48-year-old said, “I have my routine in the morning and when it changes a little bit, I feel off-kilter. I can’t imagine any sweeping changes, but you’re always evaluating what your audience wants.” Former President Clinton aid, George Stephanopoulos, who has become one of the network’s most prominent faces, recently emerged as a top candidate to replace Sawyer. Sources say Stephanopoulos—who anchors This Week and leads ABC’s Washington coverage—has expressed concerns about protecting his hard news credibility. Ouch.

Nabbing two high-profile specials could be seen as both internal and external signs of Roberts’ growing importance to ABC’s news division. She’s worked at ABC News or cable sister ESPN since 1990 and her contract expires in the spring. Roberts has spent the past week preparing for her Janet Jackson interview, which will be filmed at the singer’s home in Malibu, California.

Roberts said she hasn’t determined in advance how much of the interview would be related to the passing of her brother Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson will also be releasing a greatest hits CD around Christmas. “I don’t go in with a stack of questions and say three-quarters are going to be about this and one-quarter will be about that,” says Roberts. “I like to have a conversation. I like to walk away and have the person say, `I thought we were going to do an interview and we just talked.'”

2 Responses to “Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts Waits For Co-Host, Preps for Janet Jackson Interview”
Carol - November 10th, 2009 at 11:09 pm

My most favorite, “Country Music Song,” is
Jesus take the Wheel, Carrie Underwood

John Lanzavecchia - November 20th, 2009 at 3:04 am

If GMA is looking for a new Co-host, why not me? I believe I could do this job and offer something you havn’t had before. I am an openly gay male and might be able present the news from a brand new perspective. It’s at least worth a look. I’m not flaming gay, just open.

John Lanz

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